Something in Common

Faculty: Anya Sirota

Edition 02
03-04 2020 ++
  1. Cynthia Yang
  2. Madison Rogers
  3. Jiayao Chen & Frank Chen
  4. Alan Escareño
  5. Shujian You & Victor Mardikian
  6. Dana Cohen, Liyah George & Shraddha Jain
  7. Kaylee Tucker
  8. Torri Smith

Edition 01
01-02 2020 ++
  1. Christine Darragh, Tejashrii Shankar & Shoshanna Sidell
  2. Adrian DiCorato & Gary Zhang
  3. Xiaoheng Li & Wanrongmiao Zhang
  4. Majd Mattar & Tiannuo Ouyang
  5. Siamak Saadati
  6. Xingyue Sun & Xiang Yin

Something in Common —
  1. With ongoing battles raging over neoliberal development and its impact on cities, a growing cadre of architects, activists, and urban designers are championing the emancipatory potentials of commoning as a paradigm for greater social inclusivity.  Building on the theoretical work of Silke Helfrich, David Bollier, Gibson-Graham, David Harvey, Elinor Ostrom, and Stavros Sravrides, among others, the approach asks designers to consider the commons not only as a resource and management strategy, but as a set of rules capable of producing novel spatial outcomes.  In this scenario, the designer occupies the role of negotiator and tactician, carving out accessibility and scenarios of inclusion in cities with increasing enclosures and endless zones of enterprise.